I’m Rose, a playful and affectionate girl with a strong personality. I’m an ambitious woman, and I always knew what I wanted and where my place is and what I deserve. I know that I can offer a lot of stuff and anything it would be so I could make your day better. I’m a very good listener and really sociable. I also like to believe about myself that I’m open minded (so you can talk anything you want with me) and I love people who can keep my interest up and leave the dull conversations beside.

I love dancing a lot (I’m doing it every time I have the chance) and also horror movies, and this is what I usually do in my free time. I’m always dreaming that someday I will actually be a famous painter as I wanted since I was a little child. I’m painting something every time I have the chance because it makes me feel really good.

I love to be the best in everything that I do, every day, and I would do anything to get there. I’m a very ambitious person and I know how to set my goals and the steps that I should follow to get there, and this thing made me stronger.

In conclusion, if you want to meet a really happy person, always full of joy, advices and patience you should try and get to know me. 

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