Rubin Rose

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Takács Anna

breeder / owner / handler

Please before you write or call: WE DO NOT HAVE AVAILABLE PUPPIES OR PLANNED LITTER in the nearly future!



Rubin Rose kennel & show team

About Us

Our dogs are our whole lives. They live in our house and our jobs are connected to the dog show sports.

Kennel & Dog show sport

In 2002 my parents bought our first dog, Aida, the Rough collie. Since that I am a dog-person. Than in 2004 our Aunt took us to a dogshow with my sister. I felt myself home, I knew this is my way and I want to do this for my whole life.


I fell in love with Logh-haired dachshunds many years ago, and when my Mom wanted an own dog our first fluffy sausage arrived. She is Mimi who became our most succesful show dog. She became Junior World Winner in 2020. We started to co-operate with her breeder and she is now one of my best friends, and my menthor in the Dachshund breed. Now we have 2 more puppies, one arrived from Russia, from my dream kennel, Max, the brown and tan boy, and we kept a little girl from Mimi’s first litter, Phoebe. His father is one of the most amazing dog I’ve ever met. So now we share our home (and bed) with 2 lovely dachsies.


Graphics & photography

Taking photographs was my passion from the moment when I got a camera into my hand. The editing and graphics was also a joy for me. Then Balázs came and we all things started to be more and more professional, and now this is our job and life.


“It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” – John Grogan



Our first Sheltie arrived in 2009, as a Birthday gift to my sister. She was our first show dog and founder to our kennel, Reina. We had big successes with her in the ring and made us the happiest owners for more than 13 years. We kept her only daughter, Cathy, the craziest Shletie on the world, who is my best friend and partner in crime. She is not just a great show dog, but gave us 2 amazing puppies in her only litter. Her son, Teodor, stayed with us and followed her mother and grandmothers footsteps to be the loveliest pet and successful show dog. When Maisie arrived in 2017, i knew that i will have breeding plans with him. So after some nice shows, they had 2 beautiful litters with amazing puppies all of them real family members, sport and show dogs, and working as a therapy dogs.



Since 2005 I am working as a dog handler. I have experience in many breeds but i have my favourites and specials: British sheepdogs, Dachshunds, Retrievers, also Siberian husky, Erdélyi kopó. I love to work with dogs in and out of the ring. I have a small team, working for owners or small kennels but with great successes. We won several BIS and BOG placements, many champions, and I am also proud of the class winners titles on Speciality Shows.